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Category: 3. Harrassment

4.01. Harassment.

Do not make posts or send Private Messages (PMs), e-mail, phone, or other messages to any member if your intent is to threaten or harass, and do not encourage others to do the same. (See 7.02. Private Messages)

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4.02. Graphic Violence.

Do not post graphic images of violence. If you have a legitimate political purpose for posting a link to an image of graphic violence, be sure to affix the letters “NSFW” (Not Suitable For Work) on either side of the link as a warning. Many Forumosans visit the website at their workplace.

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4.03. Personal Violence.

Do not post messages that advocate harm or death to anyone, threaten the livelihood of anyone, or otherwise harass anyone.

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4.04. From Forumosa to Real Life.

Do not take your disagreements off the message board and into the “real world”, and do not do anything to try to harm or harass any member of this message board in the “real world”.

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4.05. Disputes IRL.

Offline disputes and allegations of wrongdoing against private individuals are unwelcome on Forumosa. If you have a problem with someone in real life, do not harass them online. Sharing a grievance you have about a person is one thing, but please take care to keep their personal identity private. Forumosa is not a court of […]

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