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3.00. Big Tent.

Forumosa is a “big tent” discussion forum that welcomes a broad range of opinions – Forumosans hail from many countries and cultures. From time to time you are likely to disagree with what you read on Forumosa. Please do not take these differences of opinion personally. Mere disagreement with your views does not grant you any right to lash out and break the rules of this message board. A thick skin is commonly expected when participating in Internet message boards like Forumosa. Appreciate the difference between forceful advocacy for a particular issue or point-of-view (which is encouraged) and personally attacking people with different opinions (which is forbidden). If you cannot tell the difference, you are likely to run into trouble here. If you simply dislike someone, take note that the Discourse software we use on Forumosa allows you to suppress notifications from that person (you’ll still be able to see their posts.)

Click on your avatar at the top right of a page, and then the gear-shaped Preferences icon at top right. Click on Notifications at left. Scroll down and add the names of uses to the Muted box.

There are no exceptions to these civility rules. You cannot attack someone because they attacked you first, or because that person “deserved it”, or because you think someone is being disruptive. We consider it a personal attack to call a liar a liar, to call a moron a moron, or to call a jerk a jerk.