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8.07. Amending the rules.

The rules are designed to help the moderators moderate the forums. From time to time, some rules may seem antiquated, or new rules may need to be considered that reflect the reality of moderating on Forumosa. All discussion topics relating to Forumosa’s policies, procedures, enforcement, etc. belong in the Feedback forum and specific comments for each rule are welcome in the Forum Policy Blog.

If you think something requires the attention of the moderators, please PM them with a link to the post in question and a brief explanation why you are writing to them. If you send a PM or an e-mail to a moderator, please give that moderator sufficient time to respond. Please be aware that moderators are not expected to be online all the time, and therefore are not likely to respond to every problem that is reported on Forumosa or to act immediately. Do not assume that a moderator is ignoring your concerns merely because she has not responded as quickly as you would like. Moderators have access to a private moderators-only discussion forum, where they discuss issues relevant to this discussion board.