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Category: 7. Forumosan Etiquette

7.01. Avatars.

Forumosans are encouraged to use an avatar in their profile. This avatar will be displayed next to all their posts. Please don’t use your avatar to call attention to other users or site moderation or policies. Avatars that are pornographic, obscene, or offensive will be removed – if you object to someone else’s avatar, alert […]

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7.02. Private Messages are private.

7.02. Private Messages are private. Private Messages received on Forumosa are to be considered private and are not to be posted publicly unless the sender of the PM agrees. Members are asked to take care and exercise respect when using this function. If you believe a PM sent to you constitutes harassment or a threat (see […]

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7.03. The “Ignore” function.

You can “ignore” or “mute” other users if needed from your Preferences page found in the category named “users”. Notifications from muted users will be suppressed even if they mention you while posts from ignored users will not show up for you when reading threads. Please do not post that you have muted or ignored […]

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