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Category: 7. Forumosan Etiquette

7.01. Avatars.

Forumosans are encouraged to use an avatar in their profile. This avatar will be displayed next to all their posts. Avatars that stretch the margins of topic pages may be removed. Avatars that are pornographic, obscene, or offensive will be removed – if you object to someone else’s avatar, alert the admin at admin (at) […]

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7.02. Private Messages are private.

7.02. Private Messages are private. Private Messages received on Forumosa are to be considered private and are not to be posted publicly unless the sender of the PM agrees.

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7.03. Signatures.

7.03. Signatures. 7.03.1. Defined. Forumosans are encouraged to display a personal signature at the end of their posts. This signature can be a motto, a quotation, a life philosophy — whatever you think is “you”. 7.03.2. Graphics. Please do not include more than one graphic in your signature at any time. That graphic should be […]

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