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7.03. Signatures.

7.03. Signatures.

7.03.1. Defined. Forumosans are encouraged to display a personal signature at the end of their posts. This signature can be a motto, a quotation, a life philosophy — whatever you think is “you”.

7.03.2. Graphics. Please do not include more than one graphic in your signature at any time. That graphic should be in either .jpg or .gif format, and should not exceed 500 pixels wide, 60 pixels tall. Please keep the file size of any signature images reasonable so as to facilitate easy loading of the page for Forumosans with slower Internet connections.

7.03.3. Links. Please do not include more than two links in your signature.

7.03.4. Offensive signatures. Signatures which contain text or images that are pornographic, obscene or offensive will be removed.

7.03.5. Length. Text in your signature must not exceed six lines in length (plus one image that conforms to the above size restrictions, if desired).

7.03.6. Decorations. You may change the color and font of your signature line text, but we would prefer that you not increase the text size.

7.03.7. Signature line abuse. Do not use your signature line to draw negative attention to another member of the board, or to their current status. Let suspended members serve their time-out in peace.